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Continued increase in Danish gambling market

February 20, 2014
Graph - Online casino gross gaming Denmark comparison 2012-2013

Just yesterday the Danish Gaming Authority (Spillemyndigheden) released the final 2013 numbers for the online gambling market in Denmark. The statistics reveal the data for the first two years since the new marketing legislation in Denmark entered into force on January 1st 2012. You can see the data from the DGA here.


Betting and online casino driving increase

The data shows an almost 16% increase in gross gaming for 2013 compared to 2012 with betting bein the primary force behind the incline. Betting accounts for almost 60% of the gross gaming in Denmark and the gross gaming from betting increased by almost 18%.

The already weak online poker gross gaming decreased further in 2013 by 11.4% while online casino accounted for an increase of close to 14% in 2013.

Graph - Online casino gross gaming Denmark comparison 2012-2013 Gross gaming 2012-2013 allSimilar seasonal fluctuations

While the total gross gaming in Denmark has increased significantly in 2013 it is interesting to see that it appears to be an overall increase as there is no clear indicator of a quarter, that performed significantly better than any other quarter.

Besides online casino gross gaming in Q1 2012 the 2013 development of gross gaming shows the almost exact same quarterlly fluctuations. The ”low” gross gaming in Q1 2012 is probably because of Danish players still playing at non licensed brands for a period before changing to a legislated brand. Another reason could be the late entry to the market by some operators (such as e.g., where I work) or perhaps it is a result of Danish players having to get used to NemID for gambling online.

Based on the change between 2012 and 2013 it could indicate that the Q4 rise in gross gaming is an indicator of the starting level of gross gaming in 2013. That would suggest an increased market size in 2014 as well.

Will the FIFA world cup have effect on betting gross gaming?

2014 also brings big sporting event with the much discussed FIFA world cup in Brazil as the major event. Most people would agree with anyone who said that a big event as the FIFA world cup would increase gross gaming for betting services. But the data for 2012, which include big events such as the Summer Olympics and the European Cup, suggest otherwise, as Q4 was the by far best quarter for the betting industry in Denmark in 2012.

The 2012 data for Q2 & Q3 in Denmark indicate that either players do not increase their betting due to of massive focus on a big sporting event or the industry edge is overall smaller during popular sporting events.

There should be no doubt that we again this summer will see a lot of marketing activities focused on the FIFA world cup in Brazil.

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  1. Great research.16% in one year in such a large market is unheard of until now. To comment on the upcoming world cup, if it is anything like the 2014 Olympics in the US, people are just not betting on it like I had expected.

    My initial thought was that sportsbetting would be a big hit, but the rise in gambling here is mostly attributed to the recent legalization of online casinos and the drastic increase in population. Maybe Denmark will be different, but if so, I would start getting the word out it now.

    • Cheers Jared.
      I was really surprised by the net gaming from betting in Denmark during the summer of 2012 – I mean, can you really imagine a better period for betting than the European Cup and the summer olympics?
      But apparently it was either not a big hit or players made the right bets too often. I’m sure the numbers after the World Cup in Brazil will make us all a lot wiser.

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